Jillian Ochoa Books & Merchandise

Based on my poems and books, I’ve created a full range of merchdise for you and your friends. From travel mugs to tshirts. I’ve partnered with Etsy and Amazon Publishing to create books and items you could use everyday.



Gratefulness is a self-help poetry book. It focuses on providing a fresh look at the small things in life to develop a habit of gratefulness. Developing a habit of Gratefulness can change the way you look at the world and bring you a sense of inner peace. Join Author Jillian Ochoa, as she looks at the world in a positive light and helps you to develop a pattern of Gratefulness. This book contains over 42 poems and spaces to write in to help you start your journey to positivity.

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Creative Merchandise

I have partnered with Etsy to bring you a variety of custom made and autographed products. Like most creatives, I enjoy more than just one outlet for my artistic energy. My Etsy Shop has autographed copies of my books, framed copies of my poetry, and additional artistic items I have created.