Walking across the sunlight sky,
Stepping on clouds, looking back now and then,
Where you afraid to die?
What was ahead of you that you felt you had to go?
Was the love we felt for you not enough?
Or was it time for your spirit to soar and grow?
Since the time you left, my life has changed.
At first, I was so lost.
Everything felt so strange.
Now as time has gone on, I know you are fine.
You’re still in my heart, where you will always be mine.
But, I am different now and not the same person I once was.
The pain, the mourning changed me.
I am not sure why I guess just because.
I build on my strength from the day before.
I try to live my best and to do so much more.
I love harder, now. I try new things.
I reach for the stars.
I take time to listen to the bird when it sings.
I always keep a shoe ready to drop, for the next love of mine that is lost.
I can not be shocked again, and pay such an awful cost.

Your death changed my world, it rattled and it shook.
There is a small piece of my heart in your pocket that you took.
Remember me as you walk through the clouds and the rain.
Remember so that you find me when it’s my time to go.
Remember the love I have for you and remember all of my pain.
Be happy among the clouds, among the God of the light.
Be happy and laugh, making stars in the night.

Remember me, as I remember you.
The smiles, the laughs, and the joy that we shared.
Remember me, because I cared.