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My blog is an ever-expanding digital record of my written works. It contains an array of work such as poems, short stories, articles, non fiction, book reviews, and collector book finds. I write about the good and the down right snarly side of the world and life.

Enjoy my blog and I hope you find hidden gems in unsuspecting places!

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Ode to Coffee

I love a cup of coffee. Smells so bold and so sweet. Add a little bit of creamer, to make it quite the treat. The warmth wrapped around the mug. My hands reaching across both sides. The aroma blesses my nose, in waves, like the lakes morning tides. I take the first...

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Wrinkles like Mine

I love my wrinkles. They show I have stood the test of time. They reflect all my worries and joys. They resemble each giggle, each song, each well-written rhyme. I love my wrinkles. I embrace each little one. They signify each year of my life, my failures and battles...

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The Local Diner

Little local diner Dishwasher has a cold Sue behind the fryer Mugs are rather chipped and old Love this little diner Everyone knows your name Classic rock on the radio Menu stays the same Smell of pancakes and eggs Old man in the corner complains about his legs...

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America’s Passage to Equality

Is my pain so less than yours? Your sign says opened Yet you lock the doors Do you hold my hand at the same time you tie my feet? Is it now that history is doomed to repeat? Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, But for many, our equality passes. Take...

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The Souls Behind the Stars

  I did not know you, but, I know who you are. You are the brave soul that stands behind that bright shining start. You are the one who keeps me safe at night. You are the one who stands tall to honor what's right. You kiss your spouse and kids each day. Then head out...

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