Impossible List 

I have been following the videos on YouTube created by author and speaker Thomas Frank. He has a lot of videos on how to improve your productivity and life in a variety of ways. During one of his videos, he spoke about an interesting concept that he learned about from another blogger named Joel Runyon called THE IMPOSSIBLE LIST.

Runyon created and trademarked The Impossible List and has been achieving great success in his life by implementing it. The idea behind the list is to reach goals and improve your experiences in ways you thought was Impossible. Unlike a bucket list, which ends when you finish something, an Impossible List continues to evolve and take you to new places.

Frank’s website goes into great detail on the use of the list. Both Runyon and Frank have posted their lists publically although the lists can get very personal. By publically listing the goals, it is a way to hold yourself accountable.

I have decided to take on the concept and also publically display my Impossible List. Because I am starting it today ( 9/11/19), I will not have anything checked off yet. As items are achieved, I will check them off and if possible, link to a blog post with photos. Depending on what it is.

If you would like to learn more about the Impossible List, I have listed both the sites for Joel Runyon and Thomas Frank below. I think they are blogs well worth the read.

Best of luck to you if you choose to do this.



Site for Joel Runyon:

Site for Thomas Frank:



Last 5 Goals Completed

  1. Purchased a F4 Bengal Kitten- Named him Catlos Santana —  Sept. 15,2019

Professional/Financial Goals

  • Write my first novel.
  • Obtain a literary agent.
  • Publish my novel through traditional publishing with a large publishing house.
  • Pay off Student Loan Debt 
  • Pay off my car. 

Fitness/ Health Goals

  • Walk a 5k 
  • Do 100 sit-ups in an hour
  • Drop 30 pounds

Travel Goals

  • Go to Hawaii
  • Go to New York
  • Go to Prague
  • Go to Maine

Skill Goals

Life Goals

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