About Jillian

To write well, you have to start from a place deep inside you. Some writers find love, others pain, but no matter where you find your words, they should always speak from within.

Laying in the back in of an old station wagon in the summer, or down by the empty train cars, I would spend my summers soaking in as many books as I could. Occasionally I could hear the sounds of the race track as the bugle for the start of the horse race would sound.  I would think of the way the horses ran, their manes whisking back toward the buggy, the jockey intense and focused. This was my life.

When it rained, I often watched the “morons” as my father often called them. This was the men who would golf in all weather including a lightning storm. Twice in my life, I have seen one of the “morons” struck by lightning, as they insisted in a storm to stand in the middle of an open range with their clubs up in the air. Then we would dial the police department.

I enjoyed, and still do enjoy, watching the oddities of human nature. Listening to the sounds around me, as I try to melt into the background unseen. This is where I feel the most comfortable.

I am a typical introvert most of the time, happy to be home with my cat, quietly reading. However, when I get out and about, I am a chatterbox. I guess there is a time and a place for everything.
My life is full of diversity and challenges. On an average weekend, my family will gather and four languages are spoken. Along with two religions and several nationalities. Diversity is beautiful and opens our minds to new worlds of experiences.

Creating Worlds

I like to write, in silence, watching, listening, and thinking. This is where I am happiest.  I hope you enjoy my poems, books, and stories.  Let them take you away into different places and times, as they do me when I write them.
  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Children’s Books
  • Adult Fiction

My Books

I have officially started publishing my work. Please follow me as I continue to add to my collection of Poetry, Children’s Books, and Adult Fiction.

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Gratefulness  Available NOW 

Gratefulness is a self-help poetry book. It focuses on providing a fresh look at the small things in life to develop a habit of gratefulness. Developing a habit of Gratefulness can change the way you look at the world and bring you a sense of inner peace.

I Am A Real Cat – Coming Soon

Follow the adventures of Scarlet, a hairless cat as she faces challenges for being different than other cats. This young children’s book will teach kids that being different is not only ok, but can actually be very cool!

Nana Jill’s Nursery Rhymes- Releasing 2019

This young children’s book focuses on a variety of great lessons taught through stories and poems. Read stories like ” Hotdog Toes” and ” Stinky I am” among others. This book is packed with fun short reads for your child. Ages 1 – 7.

The Garbage Symphony –

Releasing 2019

Adult Fiction- Not every child lives the life of the Brady Bunch kids and Samantha is one of the less fortunate. At an early age she is faced with growing up in a hoarders world. Trying to understand her mom may be the hardest thing she ever faces, but, she does. In the end she surprises herself at what she finally realizes.