The Cloud Over My Head

Being genuinely hurt by someone never really stops hurting.

The pain and grief of that person loom over you, every happy moment, every birthday and present.  

Like a dark cloud ever waiting to pour on you like a thick dark, cold rain.  

It is unforgiving like a storm.  

Unapologetic like the thunder, and strikes like lightning through your very soul.

Your heart can’t even feel the pain anymore, because it stopped pumping long ago.

You are a shell of turmoil and tears.

When the tears come,  they are a tsunami of a downpour.  

Hot against your cheeks.  

Rolling down to your now pierced lips, as they quiver at the touch.  

Finally, like all storms, the tears will stop flowing, but they are ever present waiting for the next downfall.

Building up with each new memory that you make without that person. Growing hotter and more angry with each old photo you look at, and each silly item, like a pair of shoes, that person would have liked.

The tears build in the cloud that is now ever-present over your head, waiting to explode one morning again as you drink your coffee and think of that person again.

Then in one single gulp- it explodes again, and the rains begin to pour once more.

So is the cycle of real pain.


I Wish

I wish for you the stars that light up the nights dark sky

I wish for you the birds that soar as they go by

I wish for you the sun that warms us when we are cold

I wish for you the moon that calms our mind when we are old.

I wish for you the flowers that brighten up a day

I wish for you the giggles of children as they play

I wish for you all the riches buried deep beneath the earth

I wish for you the awe that a mother feels after she has given birth

I wish for you all that is tiny and can fit snuggly in your pocket

I wish for you the memories that fit perfectly in lockets.

I wish for you a cup of coffee as it warms your hands and heart

I wish for you to reach your goals and finish what you start

I wish for you more than anything I own

I wish all this for you because inside my heart you are stitched and you are sewn