The Troll of Gratiot

There once lived the Troll of Gratiot, who was as greedy as she could be.

She stole from most she knew, including her family.

The Troll lived in seclusion, away from most in town.

She would stock pile her goods around her, and always wore a frown.


Now the old Troll had once been quite different,

or appeared to be, they say.

She once wore a smile quite bright and would laugh often, but it didn’t stay.


Instead as time went on, she turned her back on the good things she had.

She forgot all the morals and values she was once taught,

and the value of family, which is sad.


She curdled up in her greed, now hefty and full of spite.

She’d take coins from the children.

Then she would squander them all the night.


She smoked and lied and stole.

Lying from one tale to the next.

Never realizing what she had done

or caring who it effects.


As time went on she got lonely,

as time has a way to do.

She could have been surrounded by family and friends,

but to all of those she had screwed.


I heard that the Troll was now miserable as

often grumbling and giving a grunt.

For life had gone on without her or her money,

she is alone with no one to confront.


So, don’t be like the Troll of Gratiot.

Think before you speak.

Don’t take what does not belong to you,

and don’t live your life as a greedy sneak.