Little Cabin On The Lake

Little Cabin on the lake,

take away my woes.

With your lemon squares, and comfy chairs,

and a soft cool breeze that blows.


I rock back and forth lazy as can be.

Looking out of the windows

at the swaying of the trees.


Forget about my problems for now.

Gently fall to sleep.

Listening to the bull frogs croak.

Watching the waters of the lake

sway back and forth so deep.


Little Cabin on the lake,

quiet and serene.

I look up to the clouds

and taking a sip of caffeine.


This time with God is precious,

I see Him all around.

From the eagles in the sky,

to the turtles crawling on the ground.


When it is my time to pass,

let it be in such a place.

That I see Your beauty all around,

and leave with a smile upon my face.