The Local Diner

Little local diner

Dishwasher has a cold

Sue behind the fryer

Mugs are rather chipped and old

Love this little diner

Everyone knows your name

Classic rock on the radio

Menu stays the same

Smell of pancakes and eggs

Old man in the corner complains about his legs

History of America fills the corners of this place

Polish, Black, White, Mexican, a smile on every face

Religion and politics are discussed here, no one cares what side you’re on

Because we are all sitting in the same boat and life in a simple American diner just moves on

America’s Passage to Equality

Is my pain so less than yours?

Your sign says opened

Yet you lock the doors

Do you hold my hand at the same time you tie my feet?

Is it now that history is doomed to repeat?

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,

But for many, our equality passes.

Take away my religion, locked in my skin

How long will we wait for the equality to begin?

Bless America and its abundant land

Praying to Allah/God that they open their eyes and begin to understand

What’s right is right and is felt in the heart

This is what America has been about since its very start.

The passage to equality is narrowed by hate from shore to shore

That is leaving so many struggling in the light of the lamp beside the Golden Door.

The Souls Behind the Stars


I did not know you, but, I know who you are.

You are the brave soul that stands behind that bright shining start.

You are the one who keeps me safe at night.
You are the one who stands tall to honor what’s right.

You kiss your spouse and kids each day.
Then head out to uncertainty while they stay home to pray.

You walk into danger and guide the lost.
You put others first, and yourself last at all costs.

Tireless nights and long hard days,
You serve and protect in so many ways.

I cannot pretend to understand what drives you to do this.
I just know that without you, the world would be a miss.

I thank you for all that you do,
as you serve as an Officer behind a shiny star honoring the laws of the Red, White and Blue.

Thank you for your service.