My life is like a tree - a poem by Jillian Ochoa

My Life Is Like A Tree

My life is like a tree

Without You there would be no Me

For you are the trunk that makes me whole

God is the water that grows my soul

Our children and grandchildren are the branches reaching the sky

The roots are all the years together passing us by

The leaves are all of my blessings

Which stay for a season then fall to the ground

Only to be raked up and burned

with an ember smell and a crackling sound

But all through the loss of the leaves and the seasons

You keep me together and strong with so many reasons


America’s Passage to Equality

Is my pain so less than yours?

Your sign says opened

Yet you lock the doors

Do you hold my hand at the same time you tie my feet?

Is it now that history is doomed to repeat?

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,

But for many, our equality passes.

Take away my religion, locked in my skin

How long will we wait for the equality to begin?

Bless America and its abundant land

Praying to Allah/God that they open their eyes and begin to understand

What’s right is right and is felt in the heart

This is what America has been about since its very start.

The passage to equality is narrowed by hate from shore to shore

That is leaving so many struggling in the light of the lamp beside the Golden Door.