Shimla, India --- Close-up of wrinkled hands --- Image by © WIN-Images/Corbis


The older we get the more we think of the past.

Of places and people, of times we wish had not gone by so fast.

We remember loves we lost and those who are long gone.

We shed tears sometimes when we hear an old song.

We want to go back in time and tell our younger selves of things we now know.

We want to go back and fix the mistakes that truly helped us to grow.

Getting older is a blessing and sometimes a curse.

As we wish we had been this wise when we were younger and strong, not older from wear of the worst.

Ah, but life is what it is and we can’t go back in the past.

We can’t go back to visit the joys of the life that went by far to fast.

We can’t hold those who left us for a place in the unknown.

We can’t go back to correct the errors and mistakes we have sown.

So, take a deep breath, sigh, and shake your head.

Then start today much more aware and wiser instead.