Amel Zouaghi's poem

Amel’s Poem

Your life has been like a shooting star,

touching so many, and soaring so far.


Rushing past us so quickly, it doesn’t seem right.

Your smile and words are memories.

that like stars are bursting forth in the deep blue of the night.


You’ve made my eyes cool, rarely ever a tear.

You spoke so calmly, and brought Allah ever near.


You’ve touched my hand, and you’ve held my heart.

You will always be part of me, and we will never be apart.


So be the shooting star that Allah made you to be.

Bringing your goodness and love out

to praise Him freely.


Don’t worry about us; we will be ok.

For you showed us how to be strong,

and we will stay that way.

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raajioon.

Amel Zouaghi