Favorite Links.

There are so many websites that I enjoy reading and shopping at, here is just a few of my favorite sites.  This page does not have any affiliate adds, so these are not pages paying me to promote them. These are sites that I enjoy, shop at or own.

So, take a look around and shoot me an email if you have a good experience at any of them.



Creative Extensions Milwaukee website designerCreative Extensions, LLC  is a website hosting, domain reseller for GoDaddy. I have had the company for over 14 years and not only do I sell the products but I use them as well. So, I stand behind this site. If you’re in need of Hosting or a domain, this is an excellent site to shop.

OvertHappiness.comOvertHappiness.com is one of my favorite blogs. It is basically about being happy, living healthy and travel. Here is a little part of the blog’s about page:

Happiness is basically the end-all goal for all of our other goals. Why do we focus and on losing ten pounds? To be happy. Why do we want to have a better relationship with our partner? To be happy. Why do we want to be debt free? To be happy. Writing on a topic that would bring me joy, encompass many of my other interests and is also very much a loved topic by others, like you, just seemed like a natural choice for my blog.

The categories I chose were ones that I came across frequently when researching contentment and happiness. They are also ones that I love and deeply enjoy reading and writing about.”

Jillian Ochoa MerchandiseVisit my Cafe Press Store for poetry and book related merchandise. I have a wide variety of product to choose from including tshirts, mugs, hats, bags, children’s wear, and collectibles.

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