Amel Zouaghi's poem

Amel’s Poem

Your life has been like a shooting star,

touching so many, and soaring so far.


Rushing past us so quickly, it doesn’t seem right.

Your smile and words are memories.

that like stars are bursting forth in the deep blue of the night.


You’ve made my eyes cool, rarely ever a tear.

You spoke so calmly, and brought Allah ever near.


You’ve touched my hand, and you’ve held my heart.

You will always be part of me, and we will never be apart.


So be the shooting star that Allah made you to be.

Bringing your goodness and love out

to praise Him freely.


Don’t worry about us; we will be ok.

For you showed us how to be strong,

and we will stay that way.

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raajioon.

Amel Zouaghi

Steven's Poem

Steven’s Poem

Little Cousin, I love so much, how I’m longing for your touch.

Just one more hug before you go, just to know, I love you so.


Little nephew, you were such a blast. I always thought our fun would last

Rest in peace, you were a good boy, always bringing your family great joy.


Little brother I tried to guard, without your smile, life will be so hard.

I watched you as you started to walk, and what laughter we shared when you began to talk.


Twin brother you were always there. You were my breath, my heart, my soul, now who will care?

Part of me is now lost, now in heaven, at such a high cost.


Big brother was showing me a world of fun. How to ride a bike, to fish, or to just lay in the sun.

You will always be in my heart, just as you have been from my very start.


Grandson, who always filled us with pride, you will still stand by our side.

I held you when you scraped your knee. I wish this had passed as easily.


Son, whom I kissed each night before bed. I wish to God it had been me instead.

You had so much more to do in life, to dance, to drive, to have children and a wife.


God has a purpose for you I know. So, I weep here as you must now go.

Please visit me as much as you can. I pray I hold you again someday in the Promised Land.


With all the wicked things around, perhaps the Lord needed someone full of laughter around.

Now in heaven, you can guard us all through each night, each stumble, each fall.


Just one more thing before you go–

Steven, we all loved you so.




Remember that among the ribbons and the bows
Among the sparkling lights and the mistletoe
Among the packages tied with strings
Among the snow covered everything
Are people who’re hearts are not quite whole
Who’ve lost loved ones, or been separated from them, hurting their soul
Remember that not each person you meet
Have a happy home and some people even live on the street
Pray and thank God/Allah for all that you have and be kind
Because many, far too many, people are left behind.

Shimla, India --- Close-up of wrinkled hands --- Image by © WIN-Images/Corbis


The older we get the more we think of the past.

Of places and people, of times we wish had not gone by so fast.

We remember loves we lost and those who are long gone.

We shed tears sometimes when we hear an old song.

We want to go back in time and tell our younger selves of things we now know.

We want to go back and fix the mistakes that truly helped us to grow.

Getting older is a blessing and sometimes a curse.

As we wish we had been this wise when we were younger and strong, not older from wear of the worst.

Ah, but life is what it is and we can’t go back in the past.

We can’t go back to visit the joys of the life that went by far to fast.

We can’t hold those who left us for a place in the unknown.

We can’t go back to correct the errors and mistakes we have sown.

So, take a deep breath, sigh, and shake your head.

Then start today much more aware and wiser instead.


When you lose what is most precious to you, it leaves you broken.

It destroys who you once were and turns you into a different person.

You no longer feel the same, think the same, trust the same, or live the same way ever again.

No glue, no band-aids can fix it.

Time does not heal it, that is a myth.

So you close your eyes, you wipe away the tears, swallow your pain and move on.

Taking each step more carefully than before always watching for landmines to be sure you are never hurt like that again.

Trust no one, except God, as the greatest of empires were destroyed from within by people they shared blood with.