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Author Jillian Ochoa.

Author Jillian Ochoa
“We Are What We Repeatedly Do.” – Aristotle
For me, I repeatedly write. I write in the oddest of places, and it rushes out of my mind like the water in a river going downstream.  Sometimes I can catch it if I am quick enough, other times it is lost. 

If I am lucky enough to catch the words and get them down on paper, I feel a sense of euphoria that is impossible to describe.

When I write, I enjoy each minute. Every word, syllable, and phrase is special to me. Now and then, I write something so amazing that I have to sit back and smile. Other times, I look at my work in sad disappointment and wonder why I even bother. But, I believe that every writer goes through this and I would not trade this path for any other. Most writers would not.

Sharing my thoughts, stories, and ideas with you is a blessing that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do. I welcome you to look around my site, visit my books, stories, and poems. Take a pick at the merchandise ( some of it is a hoot).  Visit my blogs and enjoy yourself.

Isn’t that what good writing is all about anyway? Helping someone else to forget the world, even if for a moment, and help them explore something totally different.

I hope my stories bring you joy, 

~Jillian (Jill) Ochoa 


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