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Poems/Short Stories

Author Jillian Ochoa
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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Jillian Ochoa, and I am a fiction writer and poet. This site is full of poetry, short stories, information on how to purchase my books and poetry merchandise, and events I have coming up.

I started writing as a kid, by laying in the back of of an old station wagon in the summer, or down by the empty train cars, I would spend my summers soaking in the sun, enjoying the silence, and writing or reading books. Occasionally, I could hear the sounds of the race track as the bugle for the start of the horse race would sound, I would image of the way the horses ran. Their manes whisking back toward the buggy, the jockey intense and focused. This was my life.

When it rained, I often watched the “morons” as my father called them. This was the men who would golf in all weather including a lightning storm. Twice in my life, I have seen one of the “morons” struck by lightning, as they insisted in a storm to stand in the middle of an open range with their clubs up in the air. Then we would dial the police department.

As I grew and aged, I continued to enjoy the oddities of human nature and write about them. I still listen to the sounds around me, as I try to melt into the background unseen. This is where I feel the most comfortable.

I am a typical introvert most of the time, happy to be home with my cat, quietly reading. However, when I get out and about, I am a chatterbox. I guess there is a time and a place for everything.

I am a 50 something nana, mother, and wife. I have probably one of the most diverse lifestyles of anyone I know with a family that is of multiple races and backgrounds as well as religions.  I enjoy the four C’s of life ( Coffee, Computer, Cats, Crafts). To many, my world may seem a bit low key, but, that works just perfect for me because I would rather not deal with drama or conflict.

I hope you enjoy my poems, books, and stories.  Let them take you away into different places and times, as they do me when I write them.


Jillian Ochoa

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